Are You Ready to Discover Blacksburg?

Welcome to Discover Blacksburg’s homepage! Whether you’ve called this beautiful town home for many years, are a student at Virginia Tech, or you just have the privilege of visiting, there is always a new adventure waiting to unfold. Blacksburg has a rich history of exploration, military and academic achievements, and yes, the Virginia Tech football … Continue reading

Step aside Cafe de Bangkok

I’ve just discovered this Thai place right across from South Main Kroger.  While Cafe de   Bangkok exceeds this place in style and atmosphere, Cafe Mekong surpasses the bar on food. I ordered my favorite thai dish, Tofu Pad Thai, and it was excellent.  While it came mild, more adventurous diners could try medium, hot, … Continue reading

PK’s Bar and Grill

I’ve passed by PK’s Bar and Grill maybe 500 times in my years here at Tech and have never gone in.  I’d heard people talk about it, especially their Thursday special, Tijuana Toss.  On Thursday, for every x-large one topping pizza, you can play the coin toss.  If you win, the pizza is free. I … Continue reading


In the four years I’ve been in Blacksburg, I must have passed Backstreets one hundred times, but I had never walked in.  After dining there tonight, I regret waiting such a long time to have the experience.  The inside is lined with booths, but you also have the option to sit next to the window … Continue reading

The Cellar

Looking for the largest selection of beer you’ll find in Blacksburg?  Check out The Cellar.  Every visit, I look down the list of beers and point at random.  I have yet to be disappointed. The Cellar has somehow found the ability to serve as both a college town bar, and the quiet restaurant in which … Continue reading

The Cascades

Looking for a fun hike close to Blacksburg?  The Cascades, located in Giles County, provides a leisurely hike surrounded by lush scenery.  One of the top rated hikes, it’s a must see for Blacksburg residents.  The trail follows a river leading up to Cascade Falls, a 69 foot drop into a beautiful pool.  Within my … Continue reading

Hey! New Kid!

Do you still respond to that call in Blacksburg? Tired of watching Dick Van Dike reruns on TV Land? Nobody tells you anything about what’s going on this weekend? Well here’s your chance to join the Blacksburg scene! Follow Discover Blacksburg on Twitter @discoverblacksburg and get the latests on the greatest times the Burg has … Continue reading

Calling All Blacksburgian Pet Lovers!

Send the best pictures of your pets to Discover Blacksburg ( and have it featured on the home page! Is your pet THE CUTEST thing in the world? Do you want to share your love for your precious pookie-bear with the world? With your pet’s picture, please include the pet’s breed (if known,) name, and … Continue reading

Best Food in Blacksburg

Hope you like cheese… Best Vegetarian Burger—Sharkey’s Wing & Rib Joint I know the name would suggest otherwise, and it’s probably because I’m cheap, but Free Burger Monday is tough competition in the battle of the burgers.  Bring another cheap friend and split the bill as you enjoy a BOGO Gardenburger patty either on the … Continue reading